A Creative Force


Interactive installations. Performance art. Arts-based Research. Often musical, always humorous, hopefully enjoyable.

A performative comedic inquiry into the lived experience of the socio-emotional production of a Canadian graduate thesis employing only “stock” digital online footage and audio to explore the discursively bland undercurrents promoted through images of aspirational normativity and associated daily practices, approached through the lens of female-identified pregnancy and birth, with a critical voice on the culture of academic critique. 2017. Created as part of Brave New Works, Whitehorse, Fall 2017

Screened at Dawson City International Film Fest 2018


Patched Skirt, Moving Home Project IMG_5816.jpg

This skirt was my contribution to a group arts-based research project I coordinated for my MA research at York University. My thesis explores the embodiment of transience created by moving around in multiple foster and group home placements as a child. How do we carry movement, and hold it in our bodies? How do we wear our past displacements upon us? How is transience embodied over time? What can we learn from the hyper-mobile?

This is what I wore for well over a year as a street kid, and movement is represented quite literally through railroad, state, and province patches on the skirt. The sheer wear and tear of street life represents transience in a powerful way. 2016, Toronto.


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