I have been a creative person since I was a child, though the only formal art school I ever attended was 2 years of art High School at Central Technical School in Toronto. My first group art show was when I was 15. From graffiti mural projects as an “at-risk teen”, to producing a sexually-charged festival called Masterbate, I am always working on at least a few art projects.

My favourite part of the creative process is the idea stage and learning a new medium, then using that knowledge to better understand works in said medium, be it burlesque, collage, radio, textiles, photography, or installation. For me, the concept comes first, then the joy and thrill of learning how to make it.

I describe my work as playful, clever, and subversive. My work has explored themes including feminist response and embodiment, northern life, the sexual nature of cars in our life (for real), the influence music has on our lives, spontaneity and creativity, and the hidden side of an artist’s life.

The bulk of my work is non-commercial and experiential, through installations, performances and sound art, though I also do design vibrant merchandise for my music career (above). Following my thesis, I am working on designing an photography art book, completing the full deck of Vinyl Tarot, and doing a residency in Berlin in 2017.


I have diplomas in Child Psychology, Train Conducting, and Northern Studies, and a degree in Community Development, with a concentration in Community Research and Indigenous Knowledge. Presently a second-year MA student in Human Geography at York University.

Based in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.