Letters Are Better CDs


Letters Are Better CDs

Handmade beautiful Big Mama Lele CDs, turned into letters because yes, they are better. Each has a unique stamp, and all the lyrics are one long letter written by a friend.Only $11 at Dean’s Strings in Whitehorse.


Cardboard Carnival Magical Mystery Song Show


This year for Riverside Arts Festival in Dawson City I’ve made a musical installation and performance where you play games of chance to determine elements of a song that I write up about you on the spot. Spin the bike wheel, and where it lands tells me which instrument, (ukulele, yamaha keyboard or harmonica) to play. Throw a dart onto decorated envelopes to reveal something about yourself, like the last book you read, or your lover’s secret name for you. Roll the dice to tell me one last thing about yourself… and BAM I write a song about you, right away.

Carboard Carnival IMG325It was a great success, and the beauty of small-town life is that I knew many of the people I wrote songs about, which made it easier. And, I got to practice my new keyboard and dust off the ‘ol harmonica.

I didn’t anticipate how popular the booth would be with kids, so ‘adult’ questions, like how do you like your coffee, needed to be changed on the spot. Will plan that into piece next time.

Finally, combining carnival work, music, spontaneity and art all into one.



I’ve been trying to learn to listen to my body more, and this latest musical installation is all about that. I’ve converted carboys, foam and rhinestones into large breasts. On each nipple is a tiny speaker, playing a song written from the perspective of my breasts and all the things they like. The song is called, “I Like”.

The installation is on display at Gallery 22, as part of the group show Melting Ice, an Erotic Thawing of the Winter Blues that opened on Valentine’s Day.

The fabulous local brewery, Yukon Brewing has donated beer to fill the breasts with, as beer is the soothing maternal milk of adulthood. The breasts are suspended high in the air, and the music played softly, so that you really have to listen.

Motorboat, ready to go!

Listening to the breasts

Everyone should listen to the body!

This piece is one of my few installations that is for sale, and is still available.

Poutine Zine, The Zine about Poutine



In 2003, I made the first edition of Poutine Zine! (Left) It featured articles on the history of poutine, the etymology, tons of reviews and all the passion a teenage girl who loved poutine could muster. Even poutine activism, as shown by the Poutine Awareness Cards.


It also featured drawings by Zeesy Powers, including a centrefold.

IMG406 This first issue was a Broken Pencil Zine of the Month, and it sold out repeatedly, as people would do the “poutine tour” of all the places I reviewed.

The second issue has another Broken Pencil review here. It includes articles on Poutiganism, -where you are vegan except for poutine-, the world’s largest poutine and a recipe for breakfast poutine. And, another awesome centrefold by Zeesy.

IMG407One day I will scan it all and make it available. Until then, it is at a number of Zine Libraries including the Toronto one, or you could email me, amelia.merhar@hotmail.com if you really have a craving.